Gas Boiler Installation London

Gas Boiler Installation London

Winter is here in the beautiful city of London and it brings with it “cold winds” Are you hoping to get a gas boiler installation in London to help improve the heating system of your home? You have just found the right place to do that. We are professionals when it comes to installing gas boilers and we take pre-eminence in that.

Do you reside here in London, we are just a call away. We have competent engineers and technicians that know exactly how to install a gas boiler in such a way that it will never develop faults. Moreover, gas boilers rarely develop faults, the issue is always with the installation. Once installed in the wrong way, faults and malfunctioning are inevitable. Looking for a way to prevent this, all you have to do is contact us.

Installing Gas Boilers in London

Here we work as a team, our engineers’ jabs superiors which are managers they give reports to. Which means we are as coordinated as possible. Thus, this will affect the way our engineers and technicians relate with you while installing your gas boiler.

Irrespective of the gas Boiler you wish to install in your home, we have the right set of tools and experience to make sure the installation is done the right way.  Being an approved gas boiler installation company allows us to give out an extended warranty. This makes a beneficiary if you hire our services.

Another benefit you will be entitled to if you hire our services is competitive prices and value for your money. We will send you a quotation upfront before going ahead to install your gas boiler. This is to show that we don’t have hidden charges or inflated prices.

Government Green deal initiative also allows us to carry out energy efficiency improvement in your home if you are eligible. This will serve as an added advantage for you to save your general energy consumption and improve the efficiency of your heating system.


  • Access to superior staffs who are always ready to take your complaints should in case something goes wrong
  • Affordable prices that are competitive and good enough to suit your budget
  • Access to our engineers from anywhere in London.

Get In Touch

You can contact Master Gas 24 hours a day and a member of our team will only be pleased to receive your call request.
By using Master Gas you can rest assured that your job will be completed by experts and to your satisfaction, not forgetting, of course, our workmanship guarantee. Call today
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