In a bold new step by the government to save lives, hopefully from October 2015, all landlords will be required by law to install functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their properties. Also, to check or repair alarms that are already on site, a flawless condition is given.

These measures were announced on 11 March 2015 by Housing Minister Brandon Lewis in a draft regulation before the Parliament. This should help prevent up to 26 deaths and 670 injuries a year. We at Master Gas London are not sure if this will be possible. We believe that this is a valid law that should be passed in Parliament. How do you see that as our customer?

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis

In order to follow this bill, we will be offering our CO alarms as a compulsory accessory for all our boilers for Master Gas London as of June 2015 for free! We believe in this legislation and we want to offer our customers all the help to save lives.

See the following statements from the current Minister for Housing and Municipalities:

Housing Secretary Brandon Lewis said:

"In 1988, only 8% of homes had a smoke detector installed – now it's over 90%.

The vast majority of landlords provide good service and have smoke detectors installed in their homes, but I am changing the law to make sure every tenant can get this important protection. Because a working smoke detector provides the critical seconds needed to escape a fire, I urge all tenants to make sure they regularly test their alarms to make sure they work when it matters. Regular testing remains the responsibility of the renter. "

Community minister Stephen Williams said:

"We are committed to creating a larger, better and safer private rental sector – an integral part of which is ensuring tenant safety through fire safety and carbon monoxide warning. It is at least four times more likely that people will die in a fire in the home if no smoke detector works. For this reason, we propose legislative changes requiring landlords to install functioning smoke detectors in their land so tenants have a better chance of escaping fire from their families and those who matter to them. "

If these changes were approved, landlords would have to install smoke detectors on each floor of their property and test them at the beginning of each tenancy. Landlords would also need to install carbon monoxide alarms (CO alarms) in risk areas – such as those where a solid fuel heating system or a gas boiler is installed. If this legislation is not followed by landlords, those who do not install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors could face a civil penalty of £ 5,000. Pretty much to pay, but better than losing a life.

Current building codes for new buildings or extensions require the installation of hardwired smoke detectors and CO detectors for replacement equipment or new hardwired appliances for burning solid fuels. With this new legislation, the rental properties are adjusted accordingly.

The new law will be passed by Parliament to oblige landlords to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their properties and is expected to enter into force on 10 October 2015, with parliamentary approval. We will closely watch this at Boiler Mishaps and hope that this important, lifesaving legislation will kick off.

By Julie Cropper, May 19, 2015