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Hive Active Heating & Hot Water Thermostat Installation

Product features

  • Control your home’s heating and hot water wherever you are
  • Use your smartphone to adjust the temperature and set programs
  • iOS & Android compatible


Hive · Remote Programming · Digital · Battery Operated

Come back to a warm home without ever wasting energy when no one’s in. The Hive thermostat allows you to control your heating and hot water if you have a hot water tank remotely from anywhere in the world, using a convenient app allowing you to save energy and achieve peace of mind. The Hive Active Heating comes installed with a Geolocation program, meaning the Hive app will send you notifications to turn your heating on or off depending on where you are in the world. Coming home from work after a long day?

The Hive app will send you a notification telling you to turn the heating on, so you come back to a warm house. It also comes with an Auto Frost Protection feature which detects when your pipes are in danger and prevents frozen pipes. The boost button allows you to boost your hot water and heating for up to 6 hours whenever needed.

Busy work life? You can program up to 6 daily schedules at ease to fit around your lifestyle meaning you will always come home to a warm home. There’s also a holiday mode which puts the Hive to sleep until you return from holiday, alleviating any unnecessary heating bills whilst you’re enjoying the sun.

Technical specifications for HIVE Active Heating Multizone


  • Type Thermostat kit
  • Compatibility iOS & Android
  • Smart compatibility – Compatible with any electricity provider
  • – iOS
  • – Android
  • Connectivity WiFi
  • Power Mains


1. Control your heating & hot water from your mobile, laptop or tablet
2. Only heat your home when you need to – save energy & money
3. Works with the heating system you already have


  • Colour Silver
  • Box contents – Thermostat
  • – Receiver
  • – Batteries x 4
  • – Installation guide
  • – Wire label sticker
  • Dimensions 122 x 115 x 108 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight 569 g
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee 2 years


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