Service Your Boiler Annually

Everyone knows that it is important to maintain your boiler to ensure a healthy central heating. To ensure that a user complies with the periodic maintenance schedule, he can use the maintenance interval timer as a reminder to ensure that the recommended maintenance schedule is met. Despite a sector focus on upgrading old boilers to new high efficiency boilers to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. The importance of a regular maintenance of the central heating is still little importance.

There are good reasons to regularly maintain the boiler and your central heating system:

Legal requirements: It ensures that you comply with the laws that require the owner of the property to ensure that the boiler and heating system are in good condition

Performance: It ensures that performance remains stable and reliable, even at peak load.

Many households in the UK are unaware of their legal obligations. There is talk of sanctions in the case of accidents in which the homeowner has suffered damage or injury. There are automatic reminders that help homeowners or tenants stick to the maintenance plan. Some use a flag-up mechanism that lifts the flag. Other systems physically shut down the system if the scheduled service was not completed in time. Whether you need a boiler service in Chelsea, Fulham, Balham, Kensington, Ealing, Romford, Barking or swamp We can send you a plumber or engineer immediately.

The closer winter comes, the steeper the demands on boiler maintenance. Using an automatic reminder to call a technician reduces the scheduling of crunches and unmanaged systems waiting for a technician.