Boler Plus what you need to know

Understanding Boiler Plus

Boiler Plus Explained!

What is Boiler Plus?

Boiler Plus

Boiler Plus is additional legislation to Part L of the Building Regulations, introduced by BEIS (the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy). It sets out new requirements for gas engineers fitting new boilers and heating controls, with the aim of reducing domestic carbon emissions and encouraging energy efficiency.

When Did Boiler Plus Come In To Force?

April 6th 2018

Changes to the minimum requirements when installing boilers in existing buildings came into force on April 6th 2018. Currently ENGLAND only.

Why Is Boiler Plus Being Enforced?

Cut Carbon

This is part of the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy, aimed at cutting carbon emissions to combat climate change while driving economic growth.

  • The strategy has been launched to cut carbon emissions while growing the economy and keeping bills down.
  • Over £2.5 billion of Government funding to be invested in low carbon innovation from 2015 to 2021 and new measures to make the UK a world leader in green finance as part of the Industrial Strategy.
  • Homeowners, renters and those living in social housing to benefit from increased energy efficiency and reduced bills with plans for as many homes as possible to have an Energy Performance Certificate of Band C by 2035, potentially cutting energy costs for the average household by £270 a year.

How Will Bolier Plus Be Regulated & Enforced, And By Whom?

Trading Standards

Gas engineers who don’t comply are breaching the Building Regulations and are therefore breaking the law and could face prosecution and fines of up to £5,000. This is policed by Building Control, and the Gas Safe Register can also refer safety concerns to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

Furthermore, if a gas engineer were to invoice a consumer for non-compliant work, it could be considered fraudulent and therefore open to action from Trading Standards.

What If Customers Don't Want Additional Mesures?


Homeowners who knowingly allow non-compliant work to be carried out could also face prosecution and fines of up to £5,000.

Boiler Plus The Requirements!


  • All gas boilers installed in England to have an ErP efficiency of at least 92%.
  • Time and temperature controls to be installed at the same time, if not already present and working.
  • Combination boiler installations must include the provision of an additional energy efficiency measure and must be installed at the same time.

A minimum of 1 of these measures must be adhered to for all combination boilers. The additional measures are as follows;

  • Weather compensation
  • Load compensation
  • Flue Gas heat recovery (FGHR)
  • Smart thermostat with automation & optimisation

Boiler Plus Energy Mesures Explained

Weather compensation

A device, or feature within a device, which maintains the temperature inside the building by sensing and limiting the temperature of the water circulating through the heat generator and heat emitters in relation to the temperatures measured outside the building.

(SAP 2012) – note that devices drawing weather data from the internet also comply.

Load compensation

A device, or feature within a device, which adjusts the temperature of the water circulating through the heating system according to the temperature measured inside the building.

(SAP 2012)

Flue gas heat recovery

When fitted to a condensing boiler a flue gas heat recovery system (FGHRS) recovers heat from the flue products to pre-heat the domestic hot water supply.

Smart Control (automation & optimisation)

Smart controls offering load compensation or whether compensation would be fully compliant with the new standard:

Automation is a function that allows the device to automatically control the heating system output in response to programmed demand or occupancy detection. Advanced examples detect where householders are, such as through sensor data or geolocation based on smartphone data.

Optimisation means the device calculates how long it takes the property to reach the desired comfort level, and times the system’s operation to minimise the amount of work it has to do. Usually, it also modulates the output of the boiler in a similar way to load compensation, so as little fuel as possible is consumed.

Our Promise To You!


At MASTER GAS, we are fully equipped to handle any, and all of these situations, and can guide you to the perfect choice for your installation. Although BOILER PLUS is a new legislation, the technologies featured in the new standards are all existing, established technologies, which are already familiar to our installers.

Nearly all heating industry manufacturing companies have their own product that is compatible with BOILER PLUS, and it takes hours of research to know every product. Our team have taken the time to know them all, because we don’t think you should have to do this.

Please talk to one of our team members and we would be happy to help find what’s right for you.