Homeowner Gas Safety Certificate for Just £84

Secure your home with a comprehensive Homeowner Gas Safety Certificate for only £84. Our certified Gas Safe engineers ensure your property meets the highest safety standards. Trust us for thorough inspections and unbeatable value.

Homeowner gas safety certificate from £84

Gas Safety Certificate for Homeowners

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Gas Safety Certificate
For £84

Ensure your home's safety with a gas safety certificate for just £84. Get certified today!

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Gas Safety & Service
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What's Included in the Gas Safety?

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Complete Boiler testing

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Test Gas Pipes

gas meter tightness test

Test Gas Meter

gas hob test

Test Gas Hob or Cooker

cost of electric

£84 Fixed Fee

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Issue Gas Safety

What happens if the Engineer Finds a Problem?

For ‘AR‘ (At Risk) cases, we address potential risks promptly with repairs or replacements. In ‘ID‘ (Immediately Dangerous) situations, immediate measures are taken to ensure safety. Clear communication is a priority, and we provide comprehensive documentation after resolving the issue, ensuring compliance with required standards.

What is a Gas Safety Certificate?

A gas safety certificate is a document that verifies that gas appliances, fittings, and flues in a property have been checked and deemed safe for use by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. It assures landlords, tenants, and homeowners that gas installations meet legal safety requirements.

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Gas safety certificate from £84


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Who Needs a Gas Safety Certificate?

Landlords are legally required to obtain a gas safety certificate for each property they rent out annually. Additionally, homeowners are encouraged to have their gas appliances and installations checked regularly by a Gas Safe registered engineer and obtain a gas safety certificate as proof of compliance with safety regulations.

What does a Gas Safety Certificate Inspection Involve?

During a gas safety certificate inspection, a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer will check all gas appliances, fittings, and flues in the property to ensure they are working safely and efficiently. Any defects or safety issues will be identified, and necessary repairs or maintenance will be carried out.

How long does a Gas Safety Certificate last?

A gas safety certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue. Landlords are required to obtain a new certificate annually to ensure continued compliance with legal safety requirements. Homeowners may also choose to have their gas installations checked annually for peace of mind.

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What Our Customers Say...


A homeowner gas safety certificate is a document that verifies that the gas appliances in your home have been inspected and deemed safe by a qualified engineer. It serves as proof that your gas installations and appliances comply with safety regulations.

No, a gas safety certificate is not legally required for homeowners. However, obtaining one is highly recommended to ensure the safety of your property and family, and it can be beneficial when selling or renting your home.

While there is no legal requirement, it is advisable to have a gas safety certificate conducted annually. Regular inspections help identify any potential gas-related hazards and ensure the ongoing safety of your gas appliances.

A qualified Gas Safe registered engineer is authorised to conduct the inspection and issue a gas safety certificate for homeowners. It is essential to choose a reputable and certified professional for reliable and accurate assessments.

During a gas safety certificate inspection, the engineer will assess your gas installations, appliances, and flues. They will check for leaks, test appliance functionality, and verify compliance with safety standards. Any necessary repairs or recommendations will be communicated to you.

The duration of a gas safety certificate inspection depends on the complexity and number of gas appliances in your home. On average, it can take around 45 minutes to complete a thorough inspection.

Yes, a single gas safety certificate can cover multiple appliances within your property. The engineer will inspect and assess all relevant appliances during the inspection and include them on the certificate.

Yes, it is recommended to schedule a gas safety certificate inspection after purchasing a new home. This ensures that the gas appliances are in a safe condition, and any potential issues are addressed promptly.

If an issue is identified during the gas safety certificate inspection, it is crucial to address it promptly. Consult with a qualified engineer or gas safety professional to determine the necessary repairs or maintenance required to rectify the problem.

A gas safety certificate is typically valid for one year from the date of issue. It is advisable to schedule a new inspection and obtain a renewed certificate before the expiration to maintain the safety and compliance of your gas appliances.