Electric Boiler Guide

While we don’t install electric boilers due to their high operational costs. We specialize in alternatives like air source heat pumps and direct unvented cylinders. Both offer 100% electric solutions & contribute to sustainability.

Electric boiler installation

Electric boilers: The complete guide

Welcome to Master Gas London’s thorough introduction to electric boilers. In this guide, we will give you all the important details regarding electric boilers. It covers their background, effectiveness, benefits and drawbacks, as well as factors to take into account when choosing one for your property.

Electric Boiler Options

Air source heat pump installation

Air Source Heat Pump

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Direct Unvented Cylinder
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About Electric Boilers

Electric boilers used to be ideal for heating water and providing central heating in locations without gas access or viable flue installation options. Electric boilers operate by heating water through an electric element. Now Air Source Heat Pumps or Direct Unvented Cylinders are more cost-effective alternatives for your home’s heating needs.

Efficiency of Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are renowned for their exceptional efficiency, with up to 99% efficiency ratings. They accomplish this efficiency by efficiently turning almost all of the electricity they utilise into heat. This distinguishes them from gas boilers, which have a lower efficiency rating because they can lose heat through the flue. The higher efficiency does not mean an electric boiler will save you money as electric is more expensive than gas. Electric combi boilers are known to be very expensive to use daily.

Pros of Electric Boilers

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of electric boilers is their energy efficiency.

Easy to Install

Easy to install and maintain, as they don’t require a gas supply or a flue.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Electric boilers don’t rely on burning fuel to generate heat for water, resulting in zero emissions that would require a flue for ventilation. This feature makes electric boilers a safer and more environmentally-friendly heating option.

Cons of Electric Boilers

Expensive to Run

The main disadvantage of having an electric boiler is that they are expensive to run on a daily basis in comparison to a gas boiler.

Low Flow Rates

Electric boilers also have a lower flow rate than gas boilers, which means that they may struggle to meet high demand for hot water.

The Future of Electric Boilers

Grant air source heat pump installation

Air Source Heat Pumps

The Electric Boiler alternative
100% electric

Things to Consider


The size of your electric boiler should be based on your property’s heating requirements, which a qualified heating engineer can determine.


Electric boilers require professional installation to ensure they are installed safely and correctly. 

Electric Supply

To install an electric boiler you will need an electrician to check the supply to the boiler and in most cases upgrade the breaker on the consumer unit and the cable to supply the boiler.

Cost of Electric

You’ll also need to consider the cost of electricity in your area, as this will affect how much you pay to run your boiler.

Summary of Electric Boilers

Electric boilers present a practical and energy-efficient solution for homes and businesses that cannot access gas or do not have a viable flue option. They are user-friendly and straightforward to maintain, making them an ideal choice for properties with restricted space. Even though electric boilers have a higher efficiency rating they do have a higher running cost compared to gas boilers. Nevertheless, electric boilers still present a viable option if you have no gas supply or an option for a flue.

Electric boiler installation

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At Master Gas London, we take pride in installing top quality direct unvented cylinders, including renowned brands such as Heatrae Sadia (Megaflo), Gledhill, Baxi, and Vaillant. Our expert G3 registered and qualified gas engineers possess extensive training and experience in installing various models from these industry-leading manufacturers.

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At Master Gas London, we excel in installing the very best air source heat pumps, featuring leading brands such as Vaillant, Grant, Worcester Bosch, and Baxi. Our skilled team of professionals, well-versed in G3 regulations, is thoroughly trained and experienced in the installation of various models from these renowned manufacturers. As an approved installation provider for these industry leaders, we guarantee our expertise and knowledge to deliver exceptional air source heat pump installations

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An electric boiler is a type of heating system that generates heat using electricity rather than fuel. It heats water or provides heating in a building without the use of a chimney to emit emissions.

Electric boilers use electricity to heat a heating element, which then heats water that is circulated throughout the property. The heat generated is in turn transferred to the water in either the heating system or to provide hot water.

Electric boilers have efficiency rates of up to 99% because they almost entirely convert the electricity they consume into heat, producing very little waste. It is important to note that while having a better efficiency rating than gas boilers it does not mean electric boilers are cheaper to run.

The cost of running an electric boiler will heavily depend on the type of tariff you are on. If you are on a high tariff an electric boiler will be very costly to run on a daily basis.

Yes, electric boilers are safe to use. Since they do not burn fuel to generate heat, they do not produce harmful emissions that need to be vented outside through a flue. They also have safety features that prevent overheating and other hazards. The main safety hazard is incorrect installation, the wiring and electrical supply must be done by a qualified electrician.

The lifespan of an electric boiler can vary depending on the model and how well it is maintained. However take note that electric boilers do tend to be sold with low warranty options.

yes, electric boilers can be used to provide both heating and hot water. Some models are specifically designed to provide both functions.

Electric boilers are quieter than gas boilers as they do not have a combustion process that generates noise. They typically operate silently, making them a great option for properties where noise is a concern.