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Purchase a Worcester Bosch boiler with installation included for seamless heating solutions. Benefit from expert installation services and enjoy reliable performance. Explore our range and find the perfect heating solution for your home today.

Worcester bosch boilers

Worcester Bosch Boilers

Explore the Master Gas London guide to Worcester Bosch boilers. Renowned for innovative technology and customer satisfaction, Worcester Bosch offers top-quality heating solutions. Discover key insights to make informed decisions for your heating needs.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000

Worcester Installation
From £2445

Buy a Worcester with Installation from £2445. Up to 12 year parts and labour warranty included

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 style

Worcester Boiler Repair
From £108

Schedule a Worcester Boiler Repair from £108 with 'No Hourly Charges.' Book Today!

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000

Worcester Boiler Service
Just £108

Service your Worcester boiler for £108. Ensure safety and efficiency. Book Today!

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Smart Thermostats
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Enhance your Baxi boiler with a smart thermostat from £220. Optimize control and savings!

History of Worcester Bosch

Since its founding in 1962, Worcester Bosch has led the heating industry with innovative and reliable products. Their mission prioritized performance, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Introducing the first combination boiler in the 1970s, Worcester Bosch revolutionized home heating. With ISO 9001 certification, they maintain quality and reliability. Award-winning solutions and joining the Bosch Group in 1992 have further propelled their success, ensuring state-of-the-art heating products for homeowners worldwide.


Worcester Bosch is synonymous with home heating reliability. Their focus on craftsmanship and quality ensures each boiler is rigorously tested, offering long-lasting performance. Backed by industry-leading warranties and ISO 9001 certification, Worcester Bosch instills confidence in their products’ durability. Trusted by homeowners for decades, their reliability extends to dedicated customer support and accredited installers, ensuring a seamless experience.

Energy Efficiency

Worcester Bosch leads in energy efficiency, offering cutting-edge solutions that reduce carbon emissions and lower utility costs. Through advanced technologies like high-efficiency condensing boilers and intelligent controls, Worcester Bosch maximizes energy usage while minimizing waste, ensuring both comfort and sustainability. Recognized by the Energy Saving Trust and fully compliant with ErP regulations, Worcester Bosch boilers guarantee exceptional efficiency and environmental performance. With reduced energy consumption and innovative heat exchanger technology, Worcester Bosch provides cost-effective and eco-friendly heating solutions for homeowners.

Safety Features

Worcester Bosch prioritizes safety in their heating systems with advanced features for homeowners’ peace of mind. Equipped with robust gas safety mechanisms, boilers include flame sensors, gas valves, and automatic shut-off systems to detect and address anomalies. Overheat protection, pressure relief valves, and flame failure detection ensure safe operation, while compliance with industry standards guarantees adherence to safety protocols, offering homeowners the safety assurance they need.

Customer Service and Support

Investing in a Worcester Bosch boiler ensures not just a top-tier heating solution but also access to exceptional service and support. With expert technical assistance available at your fingertips, along with an extensive network of accredited installers, Worcester Bosch guarantees expert installation and troubleshooting. Plus, industry-leading warranty protection and the use of genuine Worcester Bosch parts ensure optimal performance and reliability throughout your boiler’s lifespan, providing you with peace of mind and satisfaction.

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Worcester Bosch boilers are known for their durability and longevity. With proper installation and regular maintenance, they can last for 12 to 15 years or even longer.

Worcester Bosch boilers come with varying warranty periods, depending on the model and type. Typically, they offer warranties ranging from 5 to 12 years, providing peace of mind and protection for your investment.

Worcester Bosch boilers are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They incorporate advanced features, such as condensing technology and modulating burners, to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Yes, regular maintenance is essential to keep your Worcester Bosch boiler operating at its best. It is recommended to have annual servicing by a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and safety.

Yes, Worcester Bosch offers a range of boilers that are compatible with smart home technology. These boilers can be integrated with smart thermostats and home automation systems, allowing you to control your heating remotely and optimize energy usage.

Worcester Bosch boilers prioritise energy efficiency, which contributes to their environmental friendliness. They are designed to minimize carbon emissions and reduce energy wastage, making them a greener heating solution.

Yes, Worcester Bosch offers a range of boilers that are compatible with renewable energy systems such as solar thermal panels and heat pumps. These options allow you to further reduce your carbon footprint and enhance energy efficiency.

Yes, Worcester Bosch boilers can provide both heating and hot water for your home. They are designed to efficiently deliver both functions, ensuring your comfort and convenience.