Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Elevate your home’s efficiency with Master Gas London’s Air Source Heat Pump Installation services. Our expert team ensures seamless installation, providing sustainable and energy-efficient heating solutions. Explore the advantages of air source heat pumps with our high-quality service.

Air source heat pump installation

Air Source Heat Pump Offers

Vaillant air source heat pump installations

Vaillant aroTherm

Supercharge your home with the Vaillant Arotherm Air Source Heat Pump - Click the picture to learn more

Grant air source heat pump installation

Grant Aerona 3

Unleash brilliant performance with the Grant Aerona 3 Air Source Heat Pump - Click the picture to learn more

Worcester air source heat pump installation

Worcester 7001i

Elevate your home with the Worcester Bosch 7001i & 7400i Air Source Heat Pumps - Click the picture to learn more

Baxi air source heat pump installation

Baxi HP40

Unlock unbeatable savings with the Baxi HP40 Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump - Click the picture to learn more

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Discover exceptional service with Master Gas London. Benefit from complimentary site surveys as we design an efficient and cost-effective air source heat pump installation tailored to your budget and requirements.

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Air Source Heat Pump System Design

Our skilled team of engineers and designers specializes in creating bespoke air source heat pump systems that align with your requirements. Whether you need a compact solution or a sophisticated multi-zone setup, Master Gas London has the expertise. 

Professional Air Source Heat Pump Installations

Experience superior Air Source Heat Pump installations and expert system design with Master Gas London. Our dedicated professionals deliver top-quality installations that prioritise reliability and energy efficiency. From replacing outdated systems to designing new heating systems, trust Master Gas London for reliable workmanship and dependable results. Contact us today for your new Air Source Heat Pump installation.

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At Master Gas London, we’re dedicated to top-quality work and client satisfaction. We offer a 12-month workmanship guarantee on all new air source heat pump installations.

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At Master Gas London, we guarantee transparency with detailed, itemized quotes. Once quoted, prices remain fixed, with no hidden costs. Our Air Source Heat Pump installation team aims to be budget-friendly, ensuring peace of mind for your project’s affordability.

Grant Aerona 3 Air Source Heat Pump

Grant air source heat pump installation

Grant Aerona 3

Available with 7 years warranty

Who are Our Engineers?

At Master Gas London, Gas Safe and G3 qualified engineers handle our Air Source Heat Pump installations. Each engineer has over 5 years’ experience and undergoes thorough vetting for top-quality service.

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An air source heat pump is a heating system that extracts heat from the outdoor air to provide warmth during colder months. It is an energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems.

Air source heat pumps use refrigerant to absorb heat from the outdoor air, even in colder temperatures. The absorbed heat is then compressed and transferred into your home’s heating system providing warmth. 

Installing an air source heat pump offers several benefits including reduced energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. You also have potential eligibility for a government grant.

Most homes can accommodate air source heat pump installations. However, factors such as available outdoor space, insulation levels, and existing heating systems should be evaluated to determine the suitability and optimal configuration for your home.

Modern air source heat pumps are designed to operate quietly. While some noise may be generated during operation, it is typically comparable to background noise levels and should not cause significant disturbance.

The installation time for an air source heat pump varies depending on the complexity of the project and the specific requirements of your property. On average, it can take a few days to complete the installation process.

Air source heat pumps can be integrated with existing heating systems, such as radiators or underfloor heating. Our technicians can assess your current system and determine the best approach for seamless integration.