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Upgrade Your Heating System with Professional Radiator Installation Services. Master Gas London offers hassle-free installations starting from £395. Enhance Comfort and Efficiency in Your Home Today!

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All-Inclusive Radiator Installation Prices

Prices are for labour only on pressurised systems with up to 7 radiators. If you have more than 7 radiators, click on the booking request button for pricing. If pipework is to be modified below floorboards, the price will be subject to a survey.

What's Included in a Radiator Installation?

Professional Installation

Our experienced team of engineers handles the installation process with precision and expertise, ensuring your radiators are fitted securely and function optimally.


We supply and install all necessary pipework and fittings, guaranteeing a seamless and tidy installation process without any hidden costs or surprises.


Our radiator installation services encompass all essential pipework. Any necessary modifications to pipework above-ground are included in the price (subject to survey or pictures). Additional charges apply for modifications to pipework below ground or floorboards. 

Radiator Balancing

As part of our radiator installation, we balance your heating system for optimal comfort and efficiency. Our technicians adjust water flow to eliminate temperature variations, ensuring consistent warmth in every room. 

Waste Removal

We efficiently remove and dispose of any old radiators, leaving your space clean and clutter-free. Trust us to handle the waste responsibly, so you can enjoy your newly installed radiators without any worries.

How To Book a Radiator Installation?

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Provide a brief description of the property and heating system.

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Our team will check and confirm the information provided.

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Once confirmed, we will attend to Install your new radiator


Why choose us?

Experienced Professionals

Our skilled professionals bring years of experience to every radiator installation, ensuring precise and efficient workmanship. Trust us to deliver superior quality and attention to detail for your project.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing, providing upfront quotes and detailed breakdowns so you know exactly what to expect with no hidden costs.

Quality Workmanship

We take pride in our workmanship, ensuring every radiator installation is completed to the highest standards for long-lasting performance and efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients are satisfied with our service, from start to finish.

We Install all Types of Radiators

At Master Gas London, we specialize in the installation of all radiator types. From traditional panel radiators to sleek vertical and designer options, our team ensures a precise and professional installation process.

white column radiator installtion

Column Radiators

Characterized by classic design and superior heat output, column radiators add a touch of sophistication to any room.

Stylish column radiator installation

Designer Radiators

From bold colours to unique shapes, designer radiators combine functionality with artistic flair, becoming focal points in your home.

Vertical radiator installation

Vertical Radiators

Maximizing wall space while providing efficient heating, vertical radiators are perfect for modern interiors.

standard radiator installation

Horizontal Radiators

horizontal radiators are ideal for traditional and contemporary spaces alike, offering efficient heat distribution.

Signs You Need To Replace a Radiator?

Cold Spots

If your radiator consistently has cold spots or fails to heat up properly, it may be a sign of internal corrosion or blockages, indicating the need for replacement or a powerflush.

Visible Corrosion

Visible signs of rust or corrosion on the exterior of your radiator could indicate internal damage and potential leaks, prompting the need for a replacement to prevent further deterioration.


Any visible leaks or pooling of water around the base of your radiator suggest internal damage or corrosion, necessitating immediate replacement to prevent water damage to your property.

Inefficient Heating

If your radiator fails to adequately heat your space or struggles to maintain consistent temperature levels, it could indicate underlying issues with the radiator’s functionality or sizing, necessitating replacement for improved heating efficiency.

How Long Does a Radiator Installation Take?

Radiator installation times vary based on factors like system type, size, and the number of radiators. Typically, a straightforward replacement in a residential property takes about half a day, including draining, removing old radiators, installing new ones, and testing. Larger or complex installations may take longer, possibly a day or more.

Do I Need a Powerflush?

If your heating system is exhibiting signs of reduced efficiency or cold spots on radiators, it may indicate a buildup of sludge and debris. While not always necessary, a powerflush before a radiator installation can ensure optimal performance and longevity of your new radiators. Our experts can assess your system to determine if a powerflush is needed to remove any contaminants and ensure smooth operation of your new radiators.

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The amount of radiators being added, how complicated the installation is, and the piping setup already in place can all affect how long it takes to install a radiator. However, it often takes a few hours to finish a regular radiator installation.

We can install radiators in any room of your house, including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Our team will assess the space and provide expert advice on the optimal radiator placement for efficient heating.

We can assist you with both options. If you already have the radiators, our team will install them for you. Alternatively, we can also guide you in selecting the right radiators for your space and supply them as part of our installation service.

Yes, as part of our radiator installation service, we can remove and dispose of your old radiators. We prioritise responsible waste management, and whenever possible, we recycle waste metals in an environmentally friendly manner.

Yes, we provide warranties on both the radiators we supply and the installation work. The specific details of the warranties will be discussed and outlined before the installation begins, ensuring you have complete peace of mind.

The system will require draining in order to install a new radiator.

Absolutely! Along with radiator installation, we can also install radiator valves and thermostats. These components are essential for controlling the heat output and regulating the temperature in each room, enhancing energy efficiency and comfort.