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Condensing Boilers: The Complete Guide

Welcome to Master Gas London’s thorough introduction to condensing boilers. In this guide, we will give you all the important details regarding condensing boilers. It covers their background, effectiveness, benefits and drawbacks, as well as factors to take into account when choosing one for your property.

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Condensing Boiler Offers

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Worcester Installation
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Glow Worm Installation
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About Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers extract the maximum amount of heat from the combustion process. In contrast to non-condensing boilers, which discharge waste gases into the environment, condensing boilers condense these gases into water, releasing additional heat in the process.

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Hisory of Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers have been available for over three decades. They started to gain popularity in the UK during the 1990s following changes made to building regulations. While initial condensing boilers were less efficient than current models, technological developments have resulted in boilers that can be up to 98% efficient.


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Efficiency of Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers are highly efficient, with a potential efficiency rating of up to 98%. This is because they can extract more heat from the combustion process by condensing waste gases into water. This means less fuel is needed to heat your property, while fewer waste gases are released into the atmosphere. Condensing boilers can achieve greater efficiency when installed with smart controls, such as a smart thermostat and smart radiator valves.


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Pros of Condensing Boilers

  • Higher Efficiency – Up to 98% efficiency is possible with condensing boilers, which results in lower fuel usage.
  • Lower Energy Bills –  Condensing boilers have a better efficiency rating, which can reduce your energy costs.
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions – As condensing boilers release fewer waste gases into the atmosphere, they are better for the environment.

Cons of Condensing Boilers

  • Possible Condensate Issues – Condensing boilers produce condensate, which must be drained properly. If the drainage system becomes blocked and backs up to the boiler, it will stop the boiler operating. If the condense pipe is installed outside of the property it can freeze in very cold weather and also cause the boiler to stop operating.
  • Sensitivity to Water Quality – Condensing boilers can be sensitive to water quality, and hard water can cause scaling or other issues that can reduce their efficiency or lifespan.

Things to Consider

vaillant ecotec plus combi boiler

Boiler Size

Make sure you choose a condensing boiler that's the right size for your home and your hot water needs

approved boiler repair visit


Annual Servicing is Required

new boiler warranty

Boiler Warranty

worcester bosch new boiler installation

Boiler Brand

Choose a reputable brand with a good track record for reliability and performance such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi or Glow Worm.

Summary of Condensing Boilers

In conclusion, anyone wishing to efficiently heat their home while simultaneously doing their part to protect the environment should choose a condensing boiler. They are at the moment much cheaper than air source heat pumps


While gas is currently the most practical heating choice, it is crucial to remember that it will likely be phased out in the future. Condensing boilers are still one of the best options for heating your home at this time. The team at Master Gas London are always on hand to help you choose the correct boiler for your requirements and budget.


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Which Condensing Boiler Brands are the Best?

When it comes to selecting the best condensing boiler for your home, several reputable brands stand out, including Vaillant boilers, Worcester Bosch boilers, Baxi boilers, and Glow-worm boilers. Each of these brands offers a range of high-quality condensing boilers known for their efficiency, reliability, and durability

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Glow Worm

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A condensing boiler, is a type of boiler that needs less fuel to produce heat. Heat that would ordinarily be lost while heating water is captured and recycled.

Condensing boilers function by capturing and recycling the heat that would otherwise be wasted during the water heating process. This is accomplished via a secondary heat exchanger, which enables them to attain superior efficiency levels.

Condensing boilers are typically more efficient compared to non-condensing boilers, with the capability to reach efficiency ratings of up to 98%. This can lead to noteworthy long-term energy savings.

The lifespan of a condensing boiler can fluctuate depending on multiple factors, including the frequency of usage, the installation quality, and the maintenance level it obtains. Nevertheless, a condensing boiler can last for up to 15 years or longer with adequate care.

Condensing boilers do require some special considerations when it comes to installation and maintenance. They require a condense pipe which must drain to waste.

Yes, because they emit less carbon than non-condensing boilers, condensing boilers are considered an environmentally friendly heating alternative. They are also capable of achieving up to 98% efficiency. When combined with a smart thermostat and smart radiator valves, they can achieve even more efficiency.

Several variables, like the condensing boiler’s size, brand, and installation needs, will determine the price. The price for a condensing boiler will range from £500 to £2,500 or more.

Retrofitting a condensing boiler to an existing heating system is possible, but it may require adjustments to the current setup.